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How Does UnionTrack® ENGAGE Serve My Union Position?

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Modern Union Membership Management Tools
Introducing UnionTrack® ENGAGE, the union's pulse in your hand.

Designed for busy union officers and members alike, UnionTrack union member management software is the ideal tool for union engagement. Mobile display and cloud-based data means the tools you need to be successful are always right at your fingertips.

  • Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC - We have all your devices covered.
  • Cloud based - Securely access at any time, from anywhere.
  • Role-based security - Custom tools and views just for officers.
  • Take union communications to the next level with email, SMS texts, online surveys and social media-driven member feedback.

Recent Union History

Having weathered the storm of the last administration, labor forces are beginning to once again emerge as the true champions of the working class. Rather than merely fighting for survival, labor has actively begun strengthening and organizing their ranks to secure a brighter future for all workers.

Why UnionTrack® ENGAGE?

Anti-worker forces have used their connections to silence labor's voice. It's time for us to be heard again! Their power lies in the wealth they have accumulated by exploiting workers and challenging our rights, and they have used their money to spread the best lies money can buy, villainizing working people along the way.

Our power lies in our collective voice. Both sides know that when unions are strong, all workers win. And unions are strongest when they too, are connected and communicating with the loud, clear voices of their members.

The threats to working people are real. And we are their last line of defense.

Loss of Dues Paycheck Deductions

Our opponents are trying to cut off our oxygen and suffocate the labor movement. They will not stop until every state bans payroll deduction of dues, making it harder for unions to represent their members.

So-called "Right-to-Work" Laws

27 States have enacted some form of "Right to Work" laws. With the new pro-union administration, the pending Pro Act bill, if passed, could do away with Right-To-Work laws bringing a much needed boost to union activity

Recent Judicial Issues

The conservative majority of the Supreme Court delivered a sweeping and historic blow to the labor movement ruling that public sector workers who are represented by unions cannot be required to pay any union dues.

The Ongoing War On Workers

Corporations continue to strip workers of basic decencies with their large donations to anti-worker candidates and lawmakers.

Changes at the NLRB

With the change to a pro-labor administration in Jan of 2021 expectations are high that the new administration will move the NLRB back to its original intended goal as an independent federal agency vested with the power to safeguard employees' rights to organize and bargain.

How UnionTrack® ENGAGE solves some of Labor's biggest hurdles.


States Going After Union Dues.

What we did:
Worked with the top 7 merchant platforms to create an automatic dues deduction system via the web, bypassing state restrictions on payroll dues deductions.

Direct attacks on the ability to collect PAC.

What we did:
Developed a system to uniquely handle PAC contributions. No comingling of funds. Adheres to all FEC and State regulations.

Charitable giving is decreasing.

What we did:
Built a scalable, turn-key giving platform for collection of Charitable donations, no matter the size of the union or local, regardless of state payroll restrictions.

Members no longer engaging.

What we did:
Built a modern communications platform, focused on mobile, social communication mechanisms.

Members feel unheard.

What we did:
Created a system that easily gathers feedback from members, through surveys and discussions. Members now have an active voice in their union.

Member trust is fading.

What we did:
By opening up two-way communications, members now ENGAGE on union topics with peers and leaders all the while increasing their stake in the process.

UnionTrack® ENGAGE is Feature Rich

UnionTrack® ENGAGE is serious, next-generation labor union software. Combining the best of union dues payment software, union member communications software, grievance tracking software - all under a single, modern, web-based system. Designed specifically for both officers and members alike to leverage the power of today's connected devices to create the best labor union management software package available today.

2-Way member/officer communications and connections

Integrated merchant account for dues, contribution and PAC fund payment, processing and reporting

Tight integration with social media platforms

Grievance and discipline tracking

Flexible document storage and document sharing

Easy to manage dynamic distribution lists

Ability to setup and easily maintain public website (CMS)

Flexible and configurable system alerts

Track upcoming contract expirations

UnionTrack® ENGAGE Parters and API connections

Engage partners and APIs

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Mon, 08 Feb 2021

UnionTrack, Inc., the North American SAAS leader in member engagement software, has promoted two long-time veterans of the labor movement to senior roles within the company, enabling Ken Green, the company's founder and CEO, to work more closely with unio

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UnionTrack® ENGAGE Builds Connections Over Time

3cs infographic

Communicate. Connect. Collect.

How the 3 Cs Work for Unions

Communicate, Connect and Collect. We believe these three words are critical to a union's survival and are the keys to labor's growth. UnionTrack® ENGAGE gives labor leaders the tools to engage their members in a wide variety of ways, including email, SMS texts, online surveys and social media. Local officers and the International Union can now communicate directly with their members, creating a more connected union and a more unified base.


Your members want to hear from you, and they want to be heard, as well. This is how engagement builds over time. For the first time, UnionTrack® ENGAGE gives unions the ability to hold two-way conversations with their members in real time, so you know what your members are thinking. They then begin to amplify your messaging through social media and in one-on-one conversations with other members, their family and friends.


Two-way conversations make members feel more connected to the union. They become more active and committed, and are more likely to ENGAGE in advocacy, COPE, and organizing efforts. They know their union is looking out for them because they see it in real time. A more connected union makes for stronger collective action.


Use that connection with your members to collect their opinions through live surveys. Identify your up-and-coming leaders and recognize your most influential members by seeing who engages in which activities. And, of course, collect dues and recurring payments directly as insurance against anti-union "Right to Work" and "Paycheck Protection" legislation being pursued at the Federal, State and Local levels.


About UnionTrack

UnionTrack, Inc., is a privately held, veteran-owned, Maryland-based company specializing in next-generation member management and engagement software. UnionTrack's mission is to leverage the power of today's connected devices to provide the best configurable labor union management software package available today.

The company has nearly 25 years of experience in application development and process enhancements working with trade and labor unions and membership-driven associations.

This knowledge has culminated in the development of the UnionTrack Engage™ platform which combines the best in software processes for member engagement, dues and per capita payments, bidirectional member communications, organizing, training and grievance tracking - all in one single, modern, cloud-based platform.

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